An avocado tree from an avocado pit

If growing avocado in the ground is only possible in tropical or Mediterranean regions, we can grow avocados ourselves inside our house.

It will take some time to get the first avocados, but growing this tropical tree is a real pleasure, both simple and rewarding.

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Avocado core: growing an avocado tree

We will show you the technique of planting an avocado pit:

  • Choose abeautiful core, a good size and especially not scratched by a knife when opening.
  • Clean it without damaging it, with clean water.
  • Dip it in theHot water, between 35 and 40 °, for half an hour.
  • Do it dry several hours in the sun or in a place dry and airy so that there is no trace of moisture.
  • Then plant 3 matches or toothpicks around the core and place it on a glass without it touching it.
  • Hold the pointed part up and fill the glass with water immersing the lower part of the nucleus.
  • You can also put cotton wool soaked in water in the bottom of your glass.
    Change the water regularly.
  • After a few weeks, the roots will have reached 1 or 2 cm.
  • Then plant the pit in a pot filled with potting soil and water regularly, the earth must remain moist at the beginning.

Another technique is to directly plant the pit in moist potting soil.

Then you have towater regularly in order to keep the soil always moist until the first shoots appear.

Although faster to implement, the result is often more difficult to obtain.

But nothing prevents you from trying, the result may be worth it!

Avocado tree and watering

Like most plants of tropical origin, watering is an important step because the plant needs water but dreads some excess.

You will make sure that the watering is regular but never excessive, especially at the beginning when the avocado tree is most fragile. The older the avocado tree, the less water it will need.

  • Spraying the leaves with soft water (rainwater for example) is ideal when the weather is hot.
  • It is also good to place the pot of your avocado tree on a saucer filled with gravel or partially flooded clay balls. The evaporation of water is excellent for the plant.


It needs as much light as possible and will enjoy the summer sun. You can take it out after any risk of frost (between May and September).

Indoors, place your avocado tree at the edge of a window, but avoid direct sunlight on the leaves, especially in summer.

Properly prune an avocado tree

No pruning is necessary at the start as it will delay the entry into production.

Only a maintenance pruning of dead wood and suckers is effective.

Harvest of avocados

Harvesting avocados from an avocado pit is not easy in our climates.

The avocado tree requires special growing conditions to produce avocados which are difficult to obtain in our latitudes (heat, high humidity, sun)

If you can get these conditions right, the first avocado harvest will only take 8-10 years.

But, in the meantime, its magnificent evergreen foliage will make it a very attractive houseplant.

Smart tip

Try your hand at growing avocado with your children, it's fun and very easy.

By multiplying the number of cores, you will increase your chances of success even more!

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Photo © lizmyosotis, © HeikeRau

Video: Avocado Tree from Seed to Fruit (December 2021).