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Flowering trees: the 5 essentials

They are admired in the streets, parks and gardens. Learn how to spot five must-see flowering trees.

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The flowering quince

First! The white, red, pink or orange bloom of quince can begin "as early as January if the winter is mild," according to The Guide to Easy-to-Grow Plants (Rustica Editions). This Japanese shrub is easy to live with and thrives in both sun and partial shade.

It requires little maintenance, just a sufficiently rich soil. To be planted in September-October or March-April, next to "other shrubs with early spring flowering such as creeping ceanothe or flowering currant, or (...) in the background of perennials and bulbous plants (hyacinths, daffodils, grape hyacinth, pulmonary, hellebores…) ».

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Same association and maintenance advice for magnolia, which, from the month of March, amazes with its pink and white flowering: the large buds appear before the foliage!

Planted away from the cold winds and the scorching sun, it will become a superb sight awaited each year.

The best known is the magnolia Grandiflora, which blooms until September.

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The flowering cherry tree

In the large family of prunus (fruit trees also including apricots and plums), the cherry tree and the flowering apple tree are essential flowering trees.

Their charm is due to their "dazzling spring bloom, in single to double, white to pink flowers and evergreen, blazing foliage in autumn".

Choose a clear and sunny place for it and admire it from March to May!

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The flowering apple tree

This is a double advantage for the apple tree, which offers both beautiful spring blooming and delicious fruit from August to November.

This "ultimate fruit tree" is easy to plant in any garden, in the sun and sheltered from the winds.

It needs a guardian for the first few years and can also be trained.

Tip for gardening with the moon : pick the apples in the rising moon.

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The Lilac

From April to September, it fills the air with a scent of character and decorates the garden as well as the house, once its magnificent flowers are cut and arranged in a bouquet - mauve, white or creamy yellow.

Lilac Syringa vulgaris is a shrub that "tolerates light shade, and it is in a sunny but not scorching location that it will flourish the most."

Always plant it in the fall or spring and root it deep enough that it isn't drought-prone.

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Claire Lelong-Lehoang

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