Strawberry: planting, growing and advice on caring for it

Strawberry: planting, growing and advice on caring for it

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The strawberry is a plant that its strawberries appreciate, fruits with tender and fragrant flesh.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Fragaria vesca
Family : Rosaceae
Type : Fruit perennial, fruit tree

: 15 to 20 m
Exposure : Sun, partial shade
Ground : Rich and well drained

: Obsolete
Harvest : April to October

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  • How to have tasty strawberries
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The planting, maintenance and watering of strawberries greatly contribute to improving the strawberry harvest.

Planting strawberry

The strawberry plant is planted, spring, to the end of summer or in autumn.

September is often indicated as being the best time. You can also plant in the spring.

  • Remove weeds and hoe the soil.
  • Fertilize the soil when planting with compost.
  • Space each plant at least 30 cm apart.
  • If you have several rows, space each row approximately 40 cm
  • The collar should be at ground level

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Strawberry maintenance

It's important to remove runners As things progress. Runners are the long stems that take root and which unnecessarily draw on the resources of your fruit tree

Straw the foot strawberries to maintain good humidity throughout the summer. It also prevents the strawberries from touching the ground.

Treat in spring against aphids and against the‘Powdery mildew.

  • You can choose a comprehensive treatment for strawberry diseases
  • Avoid the use of chemicals because remember that the strawberries will be eaten
  • Every 4 years, revitalize your strawberries by performing a strawberry layering

Watering the strawberry plant:

Strawberries are very water-hungry and must be watered regularly, especially in hot weather.

Strawberry plant in winter

In winter, severe frosts can affect the cultivation of your strawberries.

  • Mulching is almost essential there in severe frosts.
  • Snow may be enough to protect from the cold, but it is not always present
  • So have a good layer of dried leaves, straw, flax or hemp mulch, depending on what you have available

Strawberry plant in pot

If you have a terrace or a balcony, it is quite possible to grow the fraisier in pot or even in planter and thus enjoy beautiful strawberries from spring to the end of summer.

You will then prefer planting in the spring rather than in the fall by buying already well-formed plants that you will install in a good soil mixed with soil.

Avoid very hot situations and water often.

Strawberry harvest

There are 2 types of strawberries, the non-rising strawberry plant which offers only one production cycle of strawberries and which harvest takes 25 to 45 days.

The second type of strawberry plant, called strawberry plant, can produce as early as spring and until the first fall frosts.

  • Pick the ripe strawberries every 2 or 3 days as needed and by handling the strawberry plant with care so as not to damage the remaining fruit

Strawberry diseases

Strawberries are relatively insensitive to diseases and / or insects and you will avoid unpleasant surprises by following these tips.

  • Do not tighten the plants too much as this promotes the appearance of fungi

Among the possible diseases

- The red spider: common, especially in hot, dry years.

- The Phytophthora(underground fungus): gives a bluish red color to the leaves, then they wilt when it is hot. The plants remain fragile and the fruits become imbued with a bad taste.

- Botrytis, or gray rot, covers leaves, flowers and then fruits with a gray down. In this case, the fruits must be destroyed.

- Powdery mildew: causes a whitish powder on and under the leaves, they curl in the shape of a spoon and take on reddish tints. Fruits form poorly and wither away.

– Black spot disease : develops on fruits that are already ripe or in the process of ripening.

– Chlorosis : frequent in calcareous soils.

Strawberry varieties

Here is a selection of beautiful varieties of strawberries according to their harvest period or their particularities.

  • "Belrubi" : harvest at the end of June, productive, sensitive to powdery mildew.
  • "Charlotte"heart-shaped, harvest from May to November, it is juicy and with a scent of wild strawberries. She is uplifting and produces several times a year.
  • "Ciflorette": elongated, harvest from March to July, fine flesh, sweet and juicy.
  • "Darselect": a round strawberry, harvested in spring, at the same time sweet, aromatic and tasty.
  • "Favor": harvest in May, production from April in the South.
  • "Gariguette" : vermilion red, harvest from April to June.
  • "Gorella": harvest from May to July, to be avoided in a too hot climate and if your soil is limestone.
  • "Mara des bois" : harvest from May to October, juicy, it is a real scent of wild strawberries. Both sweet and very aromatic.
  • "Ostara" : harvest from May to October, fine and tasty, it fears drought.
  • "Rabunda" : harvest from June to October, productive, disease resistant.

Smart tip

Mulching is recommended so that the strawberries do not rest on the soil and rot.

  • Learn how to lay a strawberry plant
  • How to have tasty strawberries
  • Strawberry jam recipe
  • Benefits and virtues of strawberries for health

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