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Dahlia: unique flowers in the garden

Dahlia: unique flowers in the garden

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The dahlia is a superb flower, and here are all the tips for having beautiful dahlias.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Dahlia
Family : Asteraceae
Type : Bulbeuse

: 20 to 150 cm depending on species
Exposure : Sunny
Ground : Regular enriched

Flowering : June to October

Planting the dahlia

Properly planting a dahlia is important because this stage conditions the proper growth and flowering of your plant.

Plant the dahlias bulbs:

This is the most common, easiest and fastest planting technique to have beautiful dahlias flowers.

  • The tuber (bulb) of the dahlia is best planted in april and may, after all risk of frost.
  • The dahlia likes rather rich and well-drained soils.
  • Plant them at a depth of 5-10 cm, keeping a spacing of 80 to 100 cm between each tuber, because the dahlia has need sun and likes to be at ease!

If you think your soil is poor, don’t hesitate to enrich the soil at planting with an organic amendment or compost.

Dahlia seedlings:

Sowing dahlia is quite possible but this technique requires a certain know-how reserved for initiates.

  • In sowing, prefer a seedling in terrine from March, transplant in April and put in the ground in May.
  • Multiplication by tuber division in spring.

Dahlia care

Once properly in place, the dahlia requires relatively little care, although a few simple steps will allow you to prolong or improve flowering.

> Remove faded flowers as you go.
> Once the stems have completely wilted, cut them as short as possible.
> Dahlias are resistant to temperatures in the range of -5 to -10 °.

Watering dahlias:

The dahlia is quite hardy but will appreciate being watered in times of prolonged drought.

Take care that the dahlias bulbs are never inundated, not standing water, as they could rot.

A well-drained soil is the guarantee to avoid this kind of bad surprise.

  • Water the dahlias without wetting the foliage. This will prevent any risk of illness.
  • Water preferably in the evening to avoid evaporation and also save water.

To prolong the flowering of dahlias:

It is possible to make dahlias bloom beyond summer, sometimes even until the end of October.

  • Add flower plant fertilizer once a week until the end of flowering.
  • Remove wilted flowers as you go to avoid exhausting the dahlia and encourage the arrival of new flowers.

Dahlia in winter

While the dahlia can be left in place in winter in areas with mild winters, they do not not resistant to severe frost.

If you live in an area where it is frequently over -5 ° C, you must bring in the bulbs at all costs before the first frosts.

  • Wait until the foliage is completely wilted and cut 10 cm from the ground.
  • Pull out the rhizomes and dry them.
  • Clean them with a brush.
  • Store them in a cool, dry place, protected from light.
  • Replant them after any risk of frost, in the spring.

In other regions, simply protect your tubers with a mulch of dead leaves, for example.

To know about the dahlia

Native to Mexico, the dalhia is a tuberous plant with several dozen species.

We thus find the dahlia cactus and semi-cactus, with pompom, decorative, balls, lace or even with a collar, to distinguish both shapes and colors.

This plant offers a very varied range of flowering.

Rising from a long erect stem, it gives birth to pretty flowers in multiple colors.

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Varieties of dahlias:

Among many other varieties of dahlias, we find some remarkable ones like:

'Aspen', 'Café au lait', 'Berliner kleene', 'Margaret kleene', 'Arabian night', 'bluesette', 'Mourning for King Albert', 'Bishop of Llandaff', dahlia 'Bonesta' or even 'Chantal '.

But the varieties of dahlia are numerous, with multiple shapes and colors.

Smart tip

When you plant, add manure to the soil or a slow release organic fertilizer to stimulate development and flowering.

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