Garden: which mower to choose?

The image of the hum of the traditional machine is undergoing a real metamorphosis as battery-powered mowers and programmable robots now occupy the field.

If your petrol or electric cable mower still fulfills its function, it will soon be a collector! Sales of motorized machinery are declining year on year and Husqvarna even plans to stop marketing its motorized products. The big best of current sales is the battery mower; that of the (near) future the robotic lawnmower.

Battery mower: bestsellers

In the wireless age, the battery is the queen of the garden. Compared to conventional thermal and electric corded, battery mowers have several advantages: they start at the touch of a button, allow great freedom of movement, they are light, less noisy and also less polluting (than thermal ones). Their autonomy is also better, as is the quality of work, for identical performance.

The battery life is also extended: 1200 charge cycles on average and without loss of energy thanks to lithium. Count 36 volts to mow up to 350 m2, knowing that the new models are upgradeable.

Finally, another advantage and not the least, these batteries are compatible with many garden and DIY tools, and even retro compatible with products marketed for several years.

  • As a result, sales of these machines show double-digit growth every year.

Robot mower: the novelty

Since 2018, robot mowers have finally started to become more popular in our gardens, much later than in our European neighbors who have already fully adopted them ... Belgium, Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands show 56% of the volume of mowing with a robot while in France, the score is 3%!

The robot frees up time for the gardener, who can then take care of planting, sowing, maintenance ... The most advanced models are programmable via a smartphone or tablet, very practical for planning regular mowing with an objective of "always clean garden". The assiduity of a robot also makes it possible to reduce the growth of weeds (note that their reasoned presence is beneficial for biodiversity) and to promote the quality of the soil thanks to mulching, which also leads to savings in transport. bags of herbs to the recycling center. Industry experts believe robots will replace battery-powered mowers very quickly.

  • Don't forget the manuals!

The manual mower for ecology

Alongside these high-tech innovations, let's not forget the manual mowers that keep first place on the ecological podium by being perfectly suited to small urban gardens. No maintenance, no energy (just the gardener's), no noise. In short, total freedom ...

Claire Lelong-Lehoang

Visual credits: Battery mower: © Einhell Roboyagi robot mower: © Ryobi

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